The now legendary restaurant U Dělové koule 1866, decorated with relics from the Austro-Prussian War, part of which was fought here in Jičín, offers traditional local, Czech and Central European cuisine, fresh fish and game specialties. Thanks to you, our guests, during the last few years we have received a number of awards, including the 2016 TOP 10 in the Czech Republic in the Maurerova Grand Restaurant rankings and the TOP 10 in the Hradec Králové region in the Mattoni Rest.

Our suppliers are local producers and manufacturers, Mr Kořínek’s turkey farm at Nový dvůr, near Jičín, Mr Verich’s Trávnice Bio Farm near Turnov, Masokombinát Jičín, Fabio Holín near Jičín, which produces rapeseed oil, Halíř Bakery Jičín, Nová Paka Brewery near Jičín.