There are some things that only happen once in our lives. Your wedding day is one of them. The moment two people tie the knot, and also a day when the party is important to everyone, not just the newlyweds…

We can discuss and select your wedding menu exactly to suit you (wedding menu, evening banquet, barbecue, garden party).

The hotel has a lounge that can seat 25 people, a restaurant for 50 people and seating outside for up to 20 people, see gallery.

Wedding menu and banquet

We can put together an evening banquet and wedding menu exactly as you want them, with as many courses as you’re able to eat. Our available wedding menus can be found under the Wedding menu section.

We can make or provide the wedding cakes, sweets and floral decorations, or of course you can bring your own.

Special accommodation price for wedding guests, including breakfast. We give newlyweds a night in our wedding suite FREE OF CHARGE.

We provide

  • Wedding menu to suit you
  • Individual banquets for evening refreshments
  •   Option to hold ceremony in the Valdstein Loggia, at Valdstein Gate, in the chateau garden, in the ceremonial hall…..
  •   Outdoor garden (terrace), barbecues available
  •   Wedding customs
  •   Wedding cakes, pies, sweets
  •   Accommodation for guests (special price)
  •   Accommodation for newlyweds free of charge (wedding suite)
  •   Outdoor barbecues, banquets
  •   Horse-drawn carriage
  •   Picked up in a historical vehicle
  •   Wedding decorations / floral decorations
  •   Sound, live and recorded music
  •   Photographer (
  •   Printing out wedding menus
  •   Wine-tasting with a sommelier in our wine cellar

Click here for a sample wedding menu